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PatternSmith 2005 Keyboard Shortcuts - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

CopyViewasBitmap Ctrl+Alt+C CutSelection Ctrl+X Shift+DELETE EditMaterialFlaws Ctrl+Alt+M Paste Ctrl+V Shift+INSERT UndoLastAction Ctrl+Z RedoLastAction Ctrl+Y Alt+BACK EditSelectedPattern Ctrl+E DuplicatePattern Ctrl+D DuplicatePatternElements Ctrl+Shift+T CombineSelectedPatterns Ctrl+J CreateBoxPattern Alt+B > Action Accelerator SelectAll Ctrl+A GroupSelection Ctrl+Alt+G UngroupSelection Ctrl+Alt+H > Action Accelerator NestSelectedPatterns F3 ToggleFreeNest/Nestle Spacebar BumpSelectedPatternsLeft/Right/Up/Down Arrowkeys ShowOutofBoundsErrors Ctrl+Shift+B ShowOverlappingPatterns Ctrl+Shift+O...

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Action Accelerator ClearAlignmentElement Alt+0 SetAlignmentElement Alt+1 SetElementTypetoCut1 Ctrl+Shift+C SetElementTypetoCut2 Ctrl+Shift+D SetElementTypetoPlot Ctrl+Shift+P SetElementTypetoReference Ctrl+Shift+R Open Ctrl+Shift+O Closed Ctrl+O DisablePolylineSmoothing Alt+Shift+S EnablePolylineSmoothing Ctrl+Shift+S > Action Accelerator SelectionTool F2 ClearSelection DELETE CopySelection Ctrl+C CutSelection Ctrl+X Paste Ctrl+V RedoLastAction Ctrl+Y UndoLastAction Ctrl+Z EditAttributes Ctrl+E > Action Accelerator Alternate Joinselectedlines/polylines Ctrl+J BreakatPoint/Intersection F3 ReverseElementDirection...

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InvertSelectionHorizontally Ctrl+Shift+F InvertSelectionVertically Ctrl+Shift+V AddPointsatDistance Alt+Shift+O DuplicateSelection Ctrl+D > Action Accelerator LineGuide F8 PointGuide F9 AngleGuide F10 TangentGuide F11 DistanceGuide F12 > Action Accelerator SelectAll Ctrl+A SelectbyCriteria Ctrl+Alt+A SelectByPerimeter Ctrl+W InvertSelection Ctrl+Shift+A GroupSelectedPatterns Ctrl+Alt+G Un-groupSelectedPatterns Ctrl+Alt+H > Action Accelerator Alternate ArcFillet(Linesmustmeet) Ctrl+F Ctrl+L ArcFit(ConverttoArc) Ctrl+Alt+C BreakCorners Ctrl+B BreakNotchCorner Ctrl+Alt+B BreakNotches Ctrl+Shift+N...

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ConvertSelectiontoPolyline Ctrl+Alt+P ConvertSeamtoElements Ctrl+Shift+E ScalePattern Ctrl+S ScaleSelection Ctrl+Alt+S > Action Accelerator AddPointatArcCenterPoint Ctrl+I SetLineofSymmetry Ctrl+Q > Name Value SoftwareProduct PatternSmith2005 PatternSmith2005KeyboardShortcuts6 > ID:478-AMX|Version:17|Date:8/2/0710:43:26AM size="-1">

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