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A selection of antivibration elements - 4 Pages

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Product line of antivibration lments
More about our line
Product Line Antivibration El驩ments
Masses have to be moved in all areas of our modern, technologized world. The problem is how to move increasingly greater masses at increasingly higher speeds. The consequence is increasing environ-mental emissions in the form of vibration or noise. At the same time, people are becoming more and more sensitive to disturbances and annoyances from their surroundings. The objective therefore is to reduce emissions from machines and vehicles to a tolerable level.
Elastomer lments
Angst+Pfister supplies a vast range of elements for damping and insulating vibrations in all industrial sectors. The product range ex-tends from the simplest of round buffers to complex pneumatic sus驭pension elements. Our line of products encompasses the following material groups:
PUR elements
Steel lments
Pneumatic elements
This overview brochure highlights the variety of antivibration ele驭ments offered by Angst+Pfister. Of course it is not possible to display our entire line of antivibration elements in this overview brochure. Additional elements as well as detailed specifications on the indivi-
dual elements are listed in Angst+Pfister's "Vibration Technology and Sound Protection" specialist catalog. Orderyour personal copy or request support from the specialists at Angst+Pfister.
Range of services in the area of antivibration technology
Angst+Pfister offers expert support in the field of antivibration technology during all phases of your product development.
 Support via specialist catalogs and consulting
Օ Selection of suitable elements
 Optimum layout in consideration of all specific requirements
Օ Procurement, storage and delivery of standard products
 Cooperation in development, procurement and storage of special elements
Օ Procurement of elements for special areas of application such as clean-room technology or for the food industry
Our logistics center in Embrach, Switzerland, features state-of-the-art machines that, for example, can cut panels from plate materials on a CNC water jet cutter according to your drawings. Such cut panels are frequently advantageous during the prototype stage of a project. This allows subsequentseries production to be tested at minimum expense.

A selection of antivibration elements
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