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Catalogue excerpts

Angst + Pster Group: The Leading Supply and Solutions Partner for Industrial Components

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2 Mission Statement As a leading supplier of technical components and comprehensive solution provider for a wide range of industries, Angst + Pster has been ensuring business continuity and serving the world’s leading manufacturers for over 90 years. Angst + Pster provides a tremendous advantage by adding value and saving our customers money at any point in their product development chain. Our professional capabilities center on: • being an engineering-led solution provider with in-depth customer application knowledge across a broad range of industries • globally sourcing a wide range of high-quality...

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3 Core Competencies We save our customers hundreds of thousands of euros each year through customized engineering solutions, enhancing procurement efciency and optimizing supply chain management. Customized engineering solutions Enhancing procurement efciency Integrated supply chain management Angst + Pster’s international team of highly specialized application engineers focuses on providing effective solutions regardless of where our customers are in the production process. Getting Angst + Pster involved at the beginning accelerates the time-to-money of new design projects. Our engineers have...

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4 Customized Engineering Solutions From the initial engineering assessment to the nal series production phase, Angst + Pster’s team of highly qualied application engineers can work with you onsite across Europe and China to shorten time-to-money and reduce total cost of ownership. Engineering assessment Design-in and cost-out Over the years, Angst + Pster has amassed expertise across a broad range of industries. Getting us involved at the beginning accelerates the time-to-money of a new design project. Under the APSO (Angst + Pster Solutions) brand, our engineering specialists develop tailor-made...

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Engineering redefined – innovative products and customized interdisciplinary solutions from Angst + Pfister. 5

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6 Capable of rising to any challenge with know-how, state-of-the-art materials and in a wide variety of forms – APSOplast® Engineering Plastics Technology.

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7 APSOplast® Engineering Plastics Technology Angst + Pster always keeps abreast of developments in plastics technology to afford customers access to the latest polymer materials in a variety of forms. Semi-nished products and blanks All signicant thermoplastics and thermosets, including high-performance plastics for extreme thermal, chemical, electrical, tribological or mechanical requirements, are available in the form of sheets, foils, round rods, tubes and rigid sections. Finished parts manufactured for specic customers The parts are produced from all available plastics. The range of processing...

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Expertise, experience and flexibility for the benefit of customers – APSOseal® Sealing Technology solutions. 8

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9 APSOseal® Sealing Technology Angst + Pster’s extensive experience with sealing applications and our varied product range lay the groundwork for successful sealing technology solutions. Sheet material and at gaskets Rotational, stroke and prole seals Pre-formed elastomeric sections We stock the exact material for the job, whether for coping with the harshest thermal stress, difcult media or for high-pressure applications. We can supply gaskets at short notice thanks to our own punching shop. Our extensive range spans the spectrum from seals for rotational and linear movements to diaphragms, packings...

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10 From simple hoses to ready-to-install conduit systems – APSOfluid® delivers solutions for any challenge.

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11 APSOuid® Fluid Handling Technology Angst + Pster’s extensive range of pipes, hoses and ttings for any type of media supplies the ideal solution for any uid technology application. High-performance hose lines Suction and pressure hoses Expansion joints We manufacture ready-to-install hose lines for pressures up to more than 600 bars and for all media, as well as rubber, plastic and metal hoses for applications in industry, construction and business. We can satisfy an extremely wide range of requirements with a broad selection of suction, pressure, construction, conveyor and water hoses. Expansion...

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12 An innovative, comprehensive portfolio of products and services – APSOdrive® gets things moving in the field of drive technology.

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13 APSOdrive® Drive Technology Angst + Pster’s progressive and varied range of products lays the foundation for drive and automation solutions that satisfy the most demanding technical and commercial requirements. Electrical drives and couplings Timing belts Metal belt drives Our range includes AC/DC linear drives, DC motors, AC/DC servo drives and frequency inverters, as well as torsionally exible and torsionally rigid couplings. Our all-encompassing range of polyurethane and neoprene timing belts enables us to supply conventional as well as groundbreaking solutions in power transmission technology,...

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14 Trendsetting technologies for efficient suppression of vibrations and noise emissions – APSOvib® Antivibration Technology solutions.

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15 APSOvib® Antivibration Technology The extensive range of materials and components supplied by Angst + Pster provides everything you need to effectively combat vibration. Machine-bearing elements Insulating elements Sound-absorbing materials Our product selection includes leveling machine pedestals, articulated pedestals, wedge mounts and leveling plates. We can supply round buffers, stop buffers, universal equipment elements, jointing and suspension elements, rubber/metal sleeves and ring elements. According to customers’ requirements, we can supply coating and injection materials and insulating...

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16 Integrated Supply Chain Management A core competency of Angst + Pster is centered on ensuring our customers’ business continuity while increasing their protability. Angst + Pster has enhanced the competitiveness of many industry leaders by improving their working capital across multiple global production facilities. Inventory costs Cost of goods Procurement costs Our 18,000 square-meter state-of-the-art European Logistics Center holds one of the keys. With over 100,000 different items in stock and available within 48 hours anywhere in Europe, Angst + Pster can meet your ever-shorter production...

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