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Spring tester High capacity manual spring tester The SPRINGTEST TI series is a very simple and economical system for checking com- pression springs in one point. The force gauge gives the force applied, the displace- ment sensor on the side shows the flexion or height measured under load. With its revolving hand crank, it is designed to per- form tests from low capacity ( I ON) to high capacity (2000N) with quick results. The manual test stand features a small footprint, durable design, portable and a optional a digital travel display. Combined with our Centor force gauges, the SPRINGTEST TI can measure any compression spring in pro- duction or laboratory for an affordable price.The parallelism of the lower plate can be adjusted to ensure correct seating for System includs: - Manual test stand TEX555 - Force gauge Centor Easy with internal sensor up to 1000N or external sensor for - Digital ruler length 150mm - Compression plate diameter 50mm - Self-levelling plate diameter 80mm - Certificate of calibration traceable Options - Softwares CALIGRAPH software compatible: Data RSIC software compatible : Download your acquisition and analysis of curves with real results to Microsoft Excel using your RS232 time graphing thru RS232 or USB. comport. Models & capacities SPECIFICATIONS iSPRINGTESTTI-100 SPRINGTEST TI-500 SPRINGTEST Tl-1000 SPRINGTEST TI-2000 Force resolution Displacement resolution Sampling rate Force limit Display peak and current reading in the same time Average and standard deviation Peak in tension and compression Fast charge Reversible display Digimatic output Backlit display Metal casing Power supply Send current reading,, peak or Sensor protected from overloads up to Operates on rechargeable batteries Operation without recharging_ Protective elastomer overmould

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Spring tester Digital ruler Self-levelling bottom plate External sensor version left or right hand Vertical position crosshead adjustable ANDILOG Technologies •

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