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CATALOGUE 2019/2020 CATALOGUE 2019/2020 Zero-Point-Systems Request additional catalogues from Hydraulic Cl amping Systems Vacuum cl amping systems Magnetic cl amping systems WIRELESS SENSORING SYSTEMS TOGGLE CLAMPS SINGLE AND MULTIPLE CLAMPING SYSTEMS STANDARD CLAMPING SYSTEMS Marking and Cleaning Tools Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG Waiblinger Straße 116 ∙ D-70734 Fellbach Phone: +49 711 5766-0 Fa x: +49 711 575725 E-mail: Web: All sales are subject to our terms of sale, deliver y, and payment. All rights for design, photographs and texts reserved by the publisher, AMF. No photomechanical reproduction without our express permission. 2019/2020/3EN > MG 4./08/2018 > Printed in Germany

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Terms of Sale, Delivery and Payment OUR COMPANY HISTORY 1890 Company founded as a lock manufacturer by Andreas Maier. 1920 Product range extended to include spanners. 1928 Production line assembly of FELLBACH LOCKS. WE GENERATE EXCITEMENT. Since the foundation of the company in 1890 until today the 1951 Introduces clamping elements and diversifies into workpiece and tool clamping technology. 1965 Toggle clamps extend the AMF product range, AMF catalogues are now printed in ten languages. goal has remained the same: the highest quality in products 1975 Further specialisation into hydraulic...

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For an overview in numerical / alphabetical order, see catalogue pages 196 - 198 installation clamping modules Surface-mounting clamping modules MECHANICAL CLAMPING MODULES Automation modules Clamping station and clamping bracket Quick-change pallets Modular zero-point clamping system Magnetic flange Pull-studs and engagement screws Field applications CLAMPING MODULES GONZALES AND UNITOOL FOR CONVERSION OF EXISTING CLAMPING SYSTEMS

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Counterbal ance element X Y-pl ane No. 66209MX Y, page 113 Height adjustment element No. 6210FN, page 120 Height adjustment element No. 6209MZ, page 114 Base element, fl at, for T-slot pl ate Intermediate elementS NEW SIZE! No. 6210Z, page 116 / No. 6210IZ, page 117 ! NEW Adapter for height compensation Subject to technical alterations.

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Zero-point cl amping slee ve No. 6214ZN-01-01, page 37 ! NEW Cl amping module, mechanical Counterbal ance cl amping slee ve No. 6214ZN-01-02, page 37 Cl amping module, mechanical K01 No. 6214M-01, page 36 Install ation cl amping module with centr al lock for automation solutions No. 6111L A-10-01, page 51 ! NEW Install ation cl amping module with centr al lock for automation solutions No. 6111L A-10-05, page 52 ! NEW Quick coupling „fl at-face“ No. 6370ZSK, page 150 Install ation cl amping module with sensor query for opening and interlock No. 6109L-02, page 60 Subject to technical...

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ECONOMICAL, PRECISE, QUICK - THE AMF ZERO-POINT SYSTEM By using modern AMF zero-point systems, you optimize fixture and workpiece changeover in your production, correspondingly reduce set-up times on the machine and so save money! The benefits of zero-point clamping technology are obvious: > Increase in machine run-time > Very fast workpiece or fixture changeover > High repeatability > A uniform interface for all machines > Positioning and clamping in a single step

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> he pull-stud in our zero-point system is the interface T between the machine table and the workpiece or fixture. It ensures exact positioning and secure clamping. The resulting work forces are transferred through the pullstud to the clamping module. > The precisely manufactured clamping modules of the AMF Zero-Point System ensure a secure and firm hold of the workpiece or fixture to be clamped. With the high pull-in, closing and holding forces, they are suitable for ever y application. Subject to technical alterations.

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LARGE INTAKE CATCHMENT No laborious searching for the holes anymore - self-centring via the diagonal side surfaces of the engagement screw. Swing-free run-in and run-out through the optimal contour of the pull-stud. The balls are optimally encapsulated on 3 sides. As a result, the pull-stud always remains firmly clamped in the module. YOUR ADVANTAGES THOUGHT THROUGH IN DETAIL Experience a zero point clamping system that, through its innovative and forward-looking features, presents its strengths in use in an advanced way. Numerous advantages speak for themselves and make the AMF zero-point...

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THREE-POINT PRINCIPLE MEDIA FEED Power transmission by means of the three-point principle! This optimised force distribution prevents shearing load on the balls. Due to the lateral media feed, low pallet thicknesses are possible and fewer feed holes are necessary. The balls lie freely in the ball canal. This freedom of movement enables the balls to continuously re-position themselves. LARGE BALL DIAMETER Ball surface is 784% greater than with traditional ball systems. Process reliability - Clamping module always opens. A piston blockade is thus impossible. GOOD HOLDING, PULL-IN AND LOCKING...

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FAQs ABOUT ZERO-POINT CLAMPS AND THE AMF ZERO-POINT SYSTEM WHAT IS PULL-IN FORCE / HOLDING FORCE? > The pull-in force describes the force with which the stud is pulled in and clamped with positive interlocking in the clamping module. The holding force, in contrast, specifies the maximum permissible pull force of the engagement screw. WHAT IS REPEATABILIT Y? > The repeatability specifies the tolerance range within which the recorded reference points on the workpiece lie after removal and reclamping of the same workpiece. The repeatability, also called repetition accuracy, is below 0.005mm....

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WHERE CAN I GET AN INSTALLATION DIAGRAM or installation manual? > We are happy to send them immediately when customers request them by e-mail. IS THE CLAMPING MODULE SUITABLE FOR ERODING? > The module is optimally suited for all normal processes, such as eroding, grinding, cutting and turning. Through the complete sealing, the clamping module can be used in liquids and under rough ambient conditions. IS THE CLAMPING MODULE SUITABLE FOR USE ON INJECTION MOULDING MACHINES? > Especially when injection moulds are changed frequently, the costs for a zero-point solution are amortized within the...

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