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RADIO SENSORS RADIO SENSORS Request additional catalogues from www.amf.de Magnetic cl amping systems Hydraulic Cl amping Systems „Zero-Point“ cl amping system Cl amping and fix ture systems Vacuum cl amping systems Standard Cl amping Elements Hand tools Marking and Cleaning Tools Pallet Feed Systems Locks for doors and gates Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG Waiblinger Straße 116 ∙ D-70734 Fellbach Phone: +49 711 5766-0 Fa x: +49 711 575725 E-mail: amf@amf.de Web: www.amf.de All sales are subject to our terms of sale, delivery, and payment. All rights for design, photographs and texts reserved by the publisher, AMF. No photomechanical reproduction without our express permission. 2017/18EN > MG 1./09/2017 > Printed in Germany

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Terms of sale, delivery and payment Company history 1890 Company founded as a lock manufacturer by Andreas Maier. 1920 Product range extended to include spanners. 1928 Production line assembly of „Fellbach locks“. We generate excitement. Since its founding by Andreas Maier in 1890, our company has lived though many exciting times. Today we are the leading manufacturer in Europe, supplying over 5,000 different products from the fields of clamping, hand tools and locks. With this extensive product 1951 introduces clamping elements and diversifies into AMF workpiece and tool clamping...

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AMF Radio sensors wireless communication technology for your production Radio pressure switch Sender unit

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Whether in clamping technology or for modern handling and storage systems - the AMF radio sensor is the perfect solution for a fully automated, unmanned production process. Wireless signal transmission by means of failure-free Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, very long battery life as well as space-saving small construction are just a few features of this innovative technology. Inexpensive to buy and flexible to use, the AMF radio sensor ensures seamless process integration and thus increases the efficiency in your production. Sender unit, longlife Subject to technical alterations.

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With the reed switch the position of the cylinder piston is scanned in the clamping element and transmitted by the connected sender unit wirelessly to the gateway. Integrated support control by built-in microswitches in the fixture. Once the workpiece is mounted, the release is transmitted wirelessly to the gateway and machine control via the sender unit.

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Hydraulic pressure monitoring by means of the integrated radio pressure switch. This monitors in this case the system pressure of the hydraulic zero point clamping station. The gateway is connected to the machine control. A WLAN router can be connected optionally to access the web-based user interface of the gateway via a tablet. Subject to technical alterations.

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Amp© Gateway Design: Inputs: 8 wireless with transmission protocol Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0), transmission frequency 2.4 GHz. Outputs: 8 potential-free relay outputs, electrically isolated, with screw terminals. Max. 60W / 125VA - 220 VDC / 250 VAC, 2A Radio signal range to the sender unit is approx. 10 metres. An extension of the radio signal is possible with antenna extension. Power supply voltage: 24 V DC, nominal current 0.2 A Designed for ambient temperatures from +5 to +65 °C. Application: Gateway (receiver) for wireless communication between sender units and the machine...

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Amp© Sender unit Design: The sender units are available in two versions. The longlife sender unit with Order No. 554179 has a battery life of up to 5 years and differs from the standard version in energy management (number and version of batteries) with a battery life of up to 1.5 years. Input: 1 cabled input for the sensors. Output: 1 wireless - to the gateway. Radio signal range to the gateway is approx. 10 metres. Designed for ambient temperatures from +5 to +65 °C. Application: Sender unit for wireless communication between sensors and the gateway. The sensor (sensor system) is...

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Amp© Radio pressure switch Design: The radio pressure switches are available in two versions with different pressure ranges. Output: 1 wireless - to the gateway Sensor type: Mechanical pressure switch Radio signal range to the gateway is approx. 10 metres. Application: Wireless pressure switch for pressure monitoring of a hydraulic clamping circuit on machine tables, fixtures, in workpiece storage technology and other storage systems. The integrated sender unit transmits the switching state to the gateway via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0). Note: Other pressure ranges available on...

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Subject to technical alterations.

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Amp© Sensors Design: Reed switch with plastic housing. Function: PNP. See specification for length of connection cable, the connector (M8) is preassembled ready for connection for the AMF sender unit. Designed for ambient temperatures from -25 to +70 °C. Application: The reed switch (cylinder sensor) for T-slot cylinders signals the position of the piston, for example. It detects a ring magnet in the cylinder piston when it passes the position of the sensor and signals this via a switch signal. Can be used on all standard cylinders made of non-magnetisable material. The IP67-certified...

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Amp© Sensors Amp© Sensors Microswitch, plastic housing Design: Microswitch with plastic housing. Function: PNP with mechanical contact. See specification for length of connection cable, the connector (M8) is preassembled ready for connection for the AMF sender unit. The stroke is a max. of 2.7 mm with an operating force of 1.2 N. Designed for ambient temperatures from 0 to +80 °C. Application: With their compact design, these microswitches are suitable, for example, as grip control for robot grippers or in detector applications. The mini stroke pushbutton has been designed for contact...

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