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Caneco HT is a conception and inspection software of private
high voltage electrical installations according to IEC 60909.
It defines short circuits currents, calculates cables, and helps set the

Calculation and schematics of
High Voltage electrical installations
Test the compliance of your
Caneco HT guarantees the conformity of the calculations with
the electrical standards IEC 60909, NF C 13-200 or VDE 276.
Create all the calculation documents needed for the good
technical specification of the equipments.

Choose the size of your
electrical equipment
Choose or check the electrical cables.

Calculate the short circuit currents needed for the dimensions of
the switch gears and protection relays: maximum short circuit
current (effective value and peak value), minimum between
Take the engines contribution into account.
With each symbol,
a reference tag
is associated.
It can be
completed with
essential electrical
characteristics of
the device, as well
as with Icc values

The high voltage
symbols library
thatare used for

The supplementary
symbols library to
detail furthermore
your schematics:
logical, links, symbols

Calculation of
complex loop

Take the different configurations of
your network into account

Record your calculations file

Caneco HT can define and record all the operating
configurations of the installation.

Print directly your calculations file or save it in HTML, then add
your own annotations.

The calculations do the synthesis of the worst possible cases,
which guarantees the compliance of your network with all
the configurations chosen for its operation.

Record or share your calculations file in PDF (no further modification
possible), your schematic in DXF.

Form for an
current generator


fuses curves

results edition

Caneco HT - software for high voltage engineering
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    Statutory obligationsFrench regulation orders foremen to give all the necessary documentation on electrical installations to control bodies, including: ...
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