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Web Based GPS Tracking and Mapping Software

Safe access to the website using a username and password by means of the main browsers
without installing any software Recognition of the tracker and the possibility to use the ALGODUE model best suited to individual requirements Simultaneous display of several targets on the map for fl eet management Customizable targets names and colours Works worldwide with both GPRS / SMS Two-way dispatch & messaging Automate email report delivery Build Geofences by units Show the route history of each unit with 90 days historical data archived Export to CSV, PDF or GoogleEarth KML Upgradeable and Reconfi gurable

Օ i-scout can be scaled and confi gured to suit the needs of the application and is therefore ideal both for small-scale monitoring systems installed on a PC connected to the Internet and for the organisation which wishes to offers security services and has a server which can be accessed by its clients. The possibility to communicate both via the GPRS network and SMS text guarantees a high level of reliability in situations where the GSM signal is critical, simultaneously optimising running costs. i-scout software is installed on a web-server and every client can access it from anywhere in the world with extreme ease, via the main browsers, such as Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. ThereՒs no need to install additional or plug-in software. >

General Description Benefi ts

i-scout is a web-based GPS tracking and mapping software to track people, animals, vehicles and objects. Wherever you have a PC and Internet access you can monitor the position and movements of vehicles or people carrying an ALGODUE tracker, without the need to install specifi c software.The software runs from a web server, which can be created in-house or assigned to a hosting company.Using an internet browser it is possible to carry out remote and real time control and monitoring of targets on the map, enlarging or reducing the level of detail, calculating distances, analysing routes, etc.The browser also displays alarm conditions, such as the pressing of the panic button, low battery power, the exceeding of a set speed limit, the crossing of the boundaries of the geofence area or other events determined by the functions set on the single tracker.Alarms and events can also be sent from the web-server to a mobile phone in the form of an SMS text, or to a PC or other device in the form of an e-mail.The configuration of an account, which determines the operating methods and the intervals at which data is sent, can be carried out from the client workstation or, via SMS text, from a mobile phone. Changes can be made at any time to suit individual requirements.i-scout is a system that can grow to suit requirements. Every part is designed to be upgradeable and reconfi gurable. i-scout and ALGODUE tracking devices are designed to be perfectly interactive and their functions can grow together. This characteristic makes it possible to obtain the very best performance but, above all, to offer the great possibility to build up an extremely fl exible system, the functions of which can be updated in line with the evolution of requirements. >


Օ Real time fl eet management Personal safety for the elderly, children, travellers, etc. Օ Control to prevent illegal use of vehicles and things i-scout.it website shows the application running and provides ALGODUE customers who have purchased a tracker with a service to locate and monitor the target. Prevention of theft and aid in recovering property Օ Control of hire machinery and vehicles Control of containers >
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I-Scout - Web Based GPS Tracking and Mapping Software
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    Data Base and Customizable Reports Programming The data received from the tracking device is stored in a MySQL fi le. Every data item is kept and made...
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