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Software for Tracking Devices

Particularly suitable for professional use For Microsoft Windows environment Automatic recognition of the tracker connected Connection by way of GPRS or GSM modem Indication of the position of the tracker in real time and of the values detected Capacity for connection to different devices for fl eet management Local management of different maps Use of Internet mapping products Georeferentiation of Raster maps Downloading of the data recorded by the tracker to PC Reconstruction of the route recorded on the map The GTrack Lite reduced version is supplied with the trackers for fast local and remote programming and sending of commands General Features Advantages

GTrack is a sophisticated software which enables the management of mapping for the remote indication of the position of moving objects, property, vehicles, people and animals, equipped with a tracking device.GTrack software is supplied as an optional accessory for all the tracking devices of the MPU, LM30, GEOSPOT, GEOFINDER series, etc... and enables the creation of a complete and effi cient location and tracking system for professional use and for intelligence operations.GTrack can manage a single tracking device or the multipoint version can be used to scan several tracking devices and indicate their positions on the same map.GTrack can work with Internet mapping products, such as GoogleMaps and with Raster maps, or can be completed with one of the mapping products available on the market for instance when the connection takes place via modem.The map displayed shows the position of the tracking device and it is possible to reconstruct a route recorded in the memory of the tracking device and downloaded to the PC.Using GTrack it is possible to connect the device locally and remotely, using all the functions of the device.The local connection takes place via the USB port of the PC using the cable supplied.The remote connection takes place via high-speed Internet connection or using a modem connected to the PC.An effective solution, which offers the added advantage of being portable, is to use a GSM modem installed in laptop PC. This makes it possible to control the position and status of the device from anywhere the GSM network is available. Օ GTrack enables the construction of an effi cient stand alone system for the remote monitoring of objects, property, animals or people, without the need for external services, offering considerable cost savings. The possibility to use Internet mapping products makes it possible to save even more. The capacity for the georeferentiation of local or dedicated Raster maps offers maximum resolutions and supplies customised references. Օ The GPRS connection, compatible with all tracking devices, guarantees low phone bills. Օ The software enables the downloading of the data recorded and the programming of all the operating parameters of the tracking device. All the operations become much quicker and easier than sending SMS texts on a mobile phone. GTrack can be customised to suit personal requirements in order to fully satisfy application needs. Different processes can be implemented in relation to the data recorded according to the fi eld of application. >


Monitoring of moving objects, property, animals and people Օ Remote monitoring for the prevention of theft and aid in recovering property Control to prevent illegal use of vehicles and things Օ Intelligence operations and following moving vehicles >

GTrack - Software for Tracking Devices
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    Other GTrack automatically recognises the model of the tracking device connected and enables the construction of mixed systems with the tracking device...
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