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UPM304 - DIN 96x96 compact LED power meter
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Network Analyzers Network Analyzers UPM304 DIN 96x96 compact LED power meter •    Depth 60 mm only • More than 50 electrical parameters displayed • Neutral current monitoring • Bi-directional, four quadrants values on serial communication port • High contrast bright LED display • Power and current demand calculation during user-definable time period • No PTs required up to 600 (750) VAC • Programmable CT and PT ratios • User friendly » General description UPM304 is a digital meter able to measure the electrical parameters on three-phase systems. It provides accurate measurements even by distorted waveform. The high brightness LED display ensure maximum visibility even in difficult environment lighting condition. The working parameters can be easily set up by instrument keypad. The RS485 serial communication port allows to transfer the three-phase electrical parameters from the instrument. The WINTOOL software can be downloaded for free from Algodue web site and allows to show on a PC all the measured values and to carry out settings in a faster way. UPM304 replaces multiple analog meters as well as single function meters such as voltmeters, ammeters, wattmeters, varmeters, frequency-meters, powerfactor-meters, energy-meters, etc. UPM304 is a compact, cost effective meter operating both as a stand-alone device or as an integral part of a more extensive energy monitoring and management network. Applications! • UPM304 is the low cost solution for monitoring of all the main electrical parameters. • It provides peak average current and power demand information. This data is essential to work out proper strategies aimed at avoiding uncontrolled power peaks and consequent penalties. • UPM304 being ultra-compact and easy to mount is suitable for replacing conventional meters. UPM304 provides powerful capabilities not offered by traditional analog meters. • UPM304 allows time and cost saving on mounting, compared to many individual single-function instruments. • Via communication port it is possible to read and log on a PC all the readings. The remote connection allows to generate on a PC consumption profiles, logged value trends, cost allocation and reports as well as to identify critical values. Switchboards, gensets, motor control centers, etc. Power monitoring & control systems Individual machine load monitoring Demand management Remote metering and cost allocation Related Products! Dedalo Software Wintool Software algoduef '“*ELETTRONICA Innov at’ve tlecV-ronie Systems

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Measurements • Three-phase 3-wire or 4-wire unbalanced load operation. • True RMS metering provides accurate measurement even for distorted waveform. • Fully bi-directional four-quadrant values on serial communication port. • More than 50 electrical parameters measured (instantaneous, demand, peak values, energies, etc.). • On request THD calculation on voltage and current. • Direct measurement up to 600 (750) VAC. • Programmable 1A / 5A current full scale. • Programmable CT & PT ratios. Front panel display • High contrast bright, easy to read, LED display. • Up to three parameters displayed on...

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algodue' '^ELETTRONICA Innovative Electronic Systems

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OPTION available only on request (MOQ 30 pcs), to be indicated together with the selected order code from the list above: • PNP type digital outputs LEGEND Auxiliary:    With 230VAC, the instrument depth is 60 mm. With other power supplies, the instrument depth is 100 mm. DO:    2 NPN type digital outputs for alarm or pulse emission. WINTOOL:    Software for instrument remote management, downloadable for free at www.algodue.it, in the Client protected area. NOTE: Subject to change without notice a&oduef '“'ELETTRONICA Innovative Electronic Systems

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