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[Report] Energy meters
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Catalogue excerpts

ON COUNTERS BEFORE BUYING THEM Like most of the products and services we use daily, even the electrical energy meters have undergone a real “evolution of the species”. Within a few decades we have gone from an analog and electromechanical electricity meter with a manual reading to a much more compact instrument with powerful performance: from remote reading to the billing certification (MID). But it was not just these items to evolve: also the needs of the energy sector professionals have changed and evolved with them. Digital with large dimensions Digital compact WHY SHOULD I INSTALL A COUNTER?...

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IN WHICH FIELD DO YOU USE THE COUNTER? - For residential uses and monitoring of photovoltaic systems the model is single-phase - For industrial uses (industrial facilities, shopping centers) the solution is a three-phase model

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WHICH TYPE OF MEASUREMENTS IS REQUIRED? PULSE All Algodue counters offer one or two pulse outputs and they can then be combined with standard equipments for counting pulses and the subsequent consumption calculation. The ones that are most used in this application are however the models of the UEC series, since they do not offer a built in communication and two pulse outputs particularly useful for simultaneously monitoring of two parameters, for example active lagging and leading energy. REMOTE The UEM series (single and three phase) offer different protocols to be selected as for communication....

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Before buying it is important to know the difference in between the two devices, to verify with certainty which the one that best suits your needs. Below a simple DIFFERENCES between the two devices: NETWORK ANALYZER Data shown on the display    Only power and energy AH measured electrical parameters (i.e.: V, I, THD, PF), power, energy, etc. Memory    NO.    YES, in most models with size up to 8 Except for the counters    MB with Ethernet interface (Both single and three phase) which are provided with recording data memory (8MB) Supply    Self-powered    Auxiliary    power    supply    with different ranges...

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GENERAL FEATURES OF ALGODUE COUNTERS - Extremely compact 4 DIN modules (three-phase), 2 modules or 1 module (single-phase) - Bi-directional measurements in 4 quadrants for all energies and powers - Programmable transformation ratio in UEM1P5 and UEC1P5 models - Input value selectable 1A or 5A in UEM1P5 and UEC1P5 models - Single and three phase versions with direct connection to 40A, 80A - MID version supplied with terminal covers and seals - Coverage of the sealable terminals to prevent tampering or configuration changes - Display Large backlit LCD that enables easy reading - Display LCD with...

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The MBUS and MODBUS versions are offered with a SOFTWARE TOOL, MODBUS MASTER and MBUS MASTER, downloadable from the reserved area of Algodue site. These applications allow you to make a quick programming of the counters and to verify proper communication also only with a laptop temporarily connected before the final commissioning. Mbus Master Screen Example ModBUS Master Screen Example In the Ethernet version webserver is embedded, but you can always use the MODBUS MASTER. Webserver Screen Example

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Webserver Screen Example The UEC models are equipped with an infrared port that allows the combination of a module communication, from among those available. In this way, also after the first installation for a use with the pulses, it is possible to reuse the same counter by simply adding the specific communication module. Among the available modules, the only protocol not available in the UEM versions with integrated communication is the KNX. Therefore in cases in which this protocol is required, the solution is the external module KNX used in combination to UEC80-2X models, UEC1P5-X and UEC80-X. Most...

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All our products (Network Analyzers, MID certified Energy Counters, UL certified Rogowski Coils, CLASS A certified PQ METERS) can be adapted, customized and developed according to specific project or market requirements. Our Research & Development Dept., made up of qualified technicians and engineers, together with our sales staff , is able to support you from the first feasibility study, through the development of your type of personalization, up to its production and delivery, ensuring high standards of quality and flexibility. BRAND LABELLING STANDARD Examples of customizations: • Front panel...

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