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Catalogue excerpts

Class A DIN 192x144 power quality analyzer for CTs Class A certified in compliance with IEC/EN 61000-4-30:2015 Ed. 3 Quality Monitor

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APPLICATIONS PQM4000 is connected to networks and facilities to monitor: ■ Power quality ■ Critical processes even in remote mode ■ Harmonics and interharmonics in cases of power quality problems ■ Type and timing of faults on energy supply ■ Power quality standards according to EN 50160 and issuing a printable report

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ETHERNET ■ High data recording capacity 16GB ■ Touch screen graphic functions

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MAIN FEATURES Voltage and current additional channels compared to other three phase devices on the market: up to 9 channels, 4 voltage inputs and 5 current inputs PQM4000: current inputs for CT to ensure the accuracy of measurement Continuous monitoring of the metering parameters related to power quality for energy characteristics Simultaneous recording of events, Min / AVG / Max values and energy meters in 16Gb memory Various possibilities of data transmission: Ethernet, WIFI, Modbus RTU / TCP, USB Web interface easy to use and available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish Graphical...

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The instrument is for panel mount 192x144 DIN size. The instrument is provided with a touch screen display and an USB port on front panel. The USB port supports USB flash drives for data transferring (recorded data) or upload of device new firmware. Bundled USB pen drive supplied with installation kit for EN50160 analysis. The instrument is provided with two ETHERNET communication ports: 1 front port for a quick instrument connection to a PC 1 rear port for data reading and management in remote mode

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GENERAL FEATURES REAR CONNECTION: COMUNICATIONS AND I/O 1 Inputs & Outputs The instrument is provided with digital inputs, outputs and analog outputs, refer to the following picture and description. WIFI Port A WIFI port is provided for a quick instrument connection in wireless network. RS485 port The instrument is provided with an isolated RS485 communication port for instrument data reading by MODBUS RTU.

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GENERAL FEATURES RECORDINGS: RECORDING TYPES The instrument can monitor the measurements and record different data according to the set recording type. Available recording types: ■ Events: event capture at threshold overtake; in case of fast frequency event, the event can be triggered also by manual mode ■ Min/Avg/Max: LOG recording containing the Min/Avg/Max values stored at a preset rate ■ Energy counter LOG: LOG recording containing the energy counters stored at a preset rate Inputs LOG: recording containing digital input status changes Functional LOG: LOG recording containing instrument operating...

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GENERAL FEATURES RECORDING FORMATS Fast voltage events    CSV,    PQDIF Fast frequency events*    CSV,    PQDIF Fast U4 voltage events    CSV,    PQDIF Rapid voltage changes    CSV Overcurrent events    CSV,    PQDIF Slow voltage events    CSV Slow frequency events    CSV Flicker events    CSV Voltage THD events    CSV Voltage unbalance ratio events    CSV Min/Avg/Max recordings    PQDIF Energy counter LOG    CSV Digital inputs LOG    CSV *In case of frequency transient, only the corresponding CSV and PQDIF files are uploaded. CSV: Comma Separated Values PQDIF: Power Quality Data Interchange Format 8

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GENERAL FEATURES GENERAL FEATURES Example of display page VOLTAGE FAST THREE EVENTS. Recording type menu The "VIEW" icons allow the graphical display of event. By clicking on the icons under "View" you can view RMS graphics and waveforms.

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GENERAL FEATURES WEBSERVER Web server is the instrument web interface which allows to manage the instrument by any PC using a simple web browser. Example of a webserver real time page: GENERAL FEATURES The Web server graphic interface is the same displayed on the instrument touch screen. Both the instrument and the interface are multilingual. algodue '-'elettronica

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GENERAL FEATURES ateodue '“'ELETTRONICA Power frequency

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GENERAL FEATURES PQM-TOOL CLASS A MONITORING SOFTWARE TOOL PQM Class A Monitoring Tool is a software tool which provides the possibility to view and monitor all Voltage and Frequency parameters defined in the IEC 61000-430:2015 standard for Class A certification. The tool communicates with the PQM Power Quality Monitor family devices through Modbus TCP protocol, therefore the device must be connected through Ethernet. □ PQM Class A Monitoring Tool v2.1.5764.13760 Magnitude and Frequency Under Deviation Over Deviation Mains Signalling Unbalance Flicker harmonics Events RVC Download VIN10/12c 0475    I...

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ORDER CODE POWER SUPPLY LEGEND GPS for synchro: GPS module for RTC synchronisation, integrated in the instrument. DI:    4 digital inputs for remote management of control signals. DO:    4 digital outputs for alarm or pulse emission. AO:    4 analog outputs for real time parameter variation transmission.

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“Getting together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, working together is an achievement.” Henry Ford Did you like this presentation? If you have comments or suggestions we Barbara Sacco will glad to get them. Export Manager Write them to sales@algodue.it If you want to continue to receive Skype: barbara_sacco quality content subscribe to our newsletter. See you soon! Knowledge Center This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/ or send a letter...

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