PQM4000 - Class A DIN 192x144 power quality analyzer - 5 Pages

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Class A DIN 192x144 power quality analyzer for CTs • • • • • • • • • • • For CTs Harmonics and interharmonics measurement Data recording for further EN 50160 analysis Data recorded in standard PQDIF and CSV file formats Embedded web server Communication on Ethernet, RS485 and WIFI USB host port for data transfer Integrated GPS for accurate timing High resolution TFT display with capacitive touch ed Internal rechargeable backup battery Certified according to IEC/EN 61000-4-30:2015 Ed.3, Class A for voltage characteristics » General features PQM4000 is a high-end power quality analyzer, able to monitor and record the major power quality parameters. It provides an accurate measurement, voltage characteristics are monitored according to Class A specification. At the same time it acts as event/fault recorder, capable to store a high number of voltage events and disturbances, frequency variations, inrush current, etc. Additional PQ data can be recorded, such as Flicker, Unbalance, Harmonics and Interharmonics, Mains Signalling. It also provides standard power measurement data for three-phase systems. Extra voltage and current measurement channels give the possibility to monitor Neutral Potential and Earth Leakage current. The powerful recording features give the possibility to capture and record all types of standard and PQ data simultaneously. All this information can be recorded for long time period due to the high memory capacity, in this way a complete EN 50160 analysis can be performed. Events and disturbances provide also waveform recording together with RMS values. Recordings can be transferred in different ways: user can download them directly through web interface or set an automatic scheduled data upload to a remote server or transfer it to an USB flash drive. PQM4000 includes different communication ports so the user can access it in different ways. The Ethernet ports on the front and rear panels allow complete control on the instrument: web access for real-time monitor, device setup, stored data transfer, maintenance operations. An additional RS485 port gives the possibility to interconnect the device with slower monitoring systems, such as PLC. The integrated GPS receiver provides accurate time information regardless of the location where the meter is installed in a distributed monitoring system. Moreover, different I/O channels are provided to enhance the instrument features. It is provided with a high resolution TFT display with touch screen which allows a fast and direct instrument management. User-friendly multilingual interface is common to its web server, very useful for on-site instrument operations. Additional voltage and current measurement channels in comparison with other standard three-phase devices. Current inputs for CTs to grant an accurate current measurement. Continuous monitoring of the power quality and Class A certified measurements for voltage characteristics. Simultaneous recording of events, Min/Avg/Max LOG and energy counters. Several possibilities for instrument data transmission: Ethernet, WIFI, Modbus RTU/TCP, USB. User-friendly instrument web interface with multilingual pages. Power monitoring & control systems Switchboards, gensets, motor control centers, etc. Individual machine load monitoring Power demand analysis and management Harmonics monitoring Remote metering and cost allocation Motor inrush current studies » Related products • • PQM-Tool Class A monitoring software tool PQM-Analyzer for data analysi

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» Main features Measurements • Voltage direct connection up to 1000 VLL or through PT for MV and HV systems. • 4th voltage channel for measurement of potential difference between Neutral and Protective Earth. •    5 current channels to be used with CTs. • 4th current channel dedicated for Neutral current measurement, the current measuring range (CT primary and secondary) can be programmed together with the main three-phase channels. • 5th current channel reserved for Earth Leackage monitoring, with separate current measuring range setup to ensure different sensitivity from the main channels. •...

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Front part (LxH): 191x143 mm (3U) Rear part (LxHxD): 183x135x190 mm (terminals excluded) Rear part (LxHxD): 183x135x206 mm (terminals included) NOTES: • Some of the parameters are not available for all functions, for more details refer to the user manual. • LOG function means Min/Avg/Max recording, except for Energy counters (■). • Parameters in MEASURE column can be displayed or read by communication port, except for Mean values (□).

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POWER SUPPLY Auxiliary power voltage: Auxiliary power consumption: Fuse: Backup battery: MEASUREMENT INPUTS Voltage inputs for direct connection: Voltage input crest factor: Input impedance (for direct voltage inputs): CT inputs: CT burden: Current input crest factor: Frequency range: Frequency reference channel: Sampling: ACCURACY Three phase voltage: 4th voltage: Currents: Powers: Frequency: Harmonics: Internal clock (RTC): Active energy: Reactive energy: I/O CHANNELS Digital inputs: Analog outputs: Digital outputs: Digital input delay time (1...4): Digital input consumption (1...4): Analog...

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ORDER CODE LEGEND GPS FOR SYNCHRO: GPS module for RTC synchronisation, integrated in the instrument. DI:    4 digital inputs for remote management of control signals. DO:    4 digital outputs for alarm or pulse emission. AO:    4 analog outputs for real time parameter variation transmission. NOTE: Subject to change without notice algoduer VJELETTRONICA Innovative Electronic Systems

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