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MFC150 ∅8 mm flexible Rogowski coil
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Rogowski Coils Rogowski Coils Ø8 mm flexible Rogowski coil • • • • • • • • • • Suitable to measure currents from mA to hundreds of kA High linearity Wide dynamic range Very useful with large size or awkward shaped conductors or in places with limited access No danger from open-circuited secondary Not damaged by large overloads Non-intrusive, no power drawn from the main Thanks to its light weight, it can be changed on the measured conductor Totally shielded UL file n. E231725-A1-UL Delivered already calibrated Very thin coil diameter: down to 8 mm Newly designed and enhanced bayonet connector including possibility to regulate calibration Improved accuracy New version completely redesigned Excellent degree of rejection to the external current conductor Measurement uniformity at any position of the conductor inside the coil » General description MFC150 is a flexible current transducer based on Rogowski principle, particularly suitable for measurement in combination with portable devices. MFC150 coils are available in different sizes and can be supplied according to customer’s design, therefore they can be used in all those applications, in which traditional transducers are not fitting due to its size and/ or weight. Due to its specific features, flexible Rogowski coil is an extremely confortable solution for current measurement and can be used in a number of cases where traditional current transducer is not the adequate solution. MFC150 coil is provided with a shield against the influence of external magnetic fields, therefore it grants a stable measurement from low currents to hundreds of kA. The Rogowski coils must be connected to an electronic integrator for 90° phase shift compensation and frequency equalization. Our portable and panel meters can interface Rogowski coils directly without the need of the external integrators. This is an advantage because there is no external boxes or any power supply with consequent ease of use. The particular features of the Rogowski coils combined with the extremely flexible input programming of our portable meters, allow to carry out measurement by all applications. Due to its structure, flexible Rogowski coils allows to embrace conductors or grouped cables, which are large and difficult to reach, without any hazard. The coil output gives a low voltage signal, therefore there is no danger from open-circuited secondary. This makes Rogowski transducers extremely suitable for temporary measurements, for example in combination with portable analysers. Unlike traditional current transformer with magnetic core, the Rogowski coil is a non-intrusive transducer. Since it has no hard core, it draws no power from the main circuit carrying the current to be measured. The absence of magnetic core grants a wide frequency response. This make MFC150 particularly suitable for measurement of harmonic content and transients. Measuring devices, lab instrumentation Power monitoring & control systems DC ripple measurement Harmonics and transients monitoring Very high current monitoring » Related Products • • • • •

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» What is a Rogowski coil? Rogowski coils have been used for the detection and measurement of electric currents for decades. They are based on a simple principle: an “air-cored” coil is placed around the conductor in a toroidal fashion and the magnetic field produced by the current induces a voltage in the coil. The voltage output is proportional to the rate of change of current. This voltage is integrated, thus producing an output proportional to the current. By using precision winding techniques, especially developed for the purpose, the coils are manufactured so that their output is not influenced...

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OPTIONS available only on request, to be indicated together with the selected order code from the list above: • UL certified • Different output value: 40mV/1kA@50Hz or 85mV/1kA@50Hz • Other coil length than those listed above, up to 300cm • Other cable length longer than standard (3m), up to 15m • Calibrated for customer device (input impedance value of device to be specified) • FRB connector • Different coil colour (MOO required) NOTE: Subject to change without notice algoduef '“'ELETTRONICA Innovative Electronic Systems

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