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Catalogue excerpts

algodue ^ELETTRONICA lvs.tAO u e*,V» V)&~ tliB-cWov^'i e    ^

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OUR PROJECT TWO GENERATIONS, THE SAME PASSION SINCE 30 YEARS Algodue was founded in 1986 in the province of Novara, 50km far from Milan, from the passion of Pietro Platini, electronic technician of great experience and creativity. “Since I was very young I had a genuine passion for electronics and a precocious maker’s skill. At the age of 10 I built my first electrical motor, at 14 a radio receiver” recalls Pietro. “Taken a degree in electronics, after twenty years of career as electronic and electrical designer in international companies continues - I realized the dream of a project destined...

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OUR DEVELOPMENT JUST THE BEGINNING OF AN HISTORY OF QUALITY, INNOVATION AND LOVE FOR AN EXCELLENT JOB... 2016 Fourth product certification The Energy and Utility market Innovative entrepreneurial choice Expansion of the company and marketing innovation Third product certification First company certification Second product certification Courageous entrepreneurial choice First product certification Consolidation of presence in foreign markets Laura Platini enters the company The first network analyzer Algodue birth

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r!98^ALGODUE BIRTH Pietro Platini starts ALgodue company in Fontaneto d'Agogna, in the province of Novara. a THE first network analyzer Designing and development of the new line of products for the measurement of electrical parameters. THE foreign market Starting of development of the commercial network of foreign distributors. ^999 LAURA PLATINI ENTERS THE COMPANY The daughter takes the lead alongside Pietro. ^000 CONSOLIDATION OF PRESENCE IN FOREIGN MARKETS The B2B opportunities in Europe are increasing. ^503 FIRST product certification Obtaining UL certification for the American market (uSA...

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general management Pietro Platini Laura Platini Direction representative Laura Platini Laura Platini Safety and prevention manager Purchasing department Marina Agostini Manuals and datasheets Gloria Gavinelli Head of R&D Pietro Platini Zoltan Makkai Hardware development Zoltan Makkai Roberto Orfella Gioele Gatti Pellengo Sales management Laura Platini Production management Pamela Orgiu Firmware development Roberto Orfella Andrea Mazzola Andrea Cardani Gioele Gatti Pellengo Laura Platini Administration and finance Vanda Zanetta Pieranna Castaldi Production Sales administration Elena Marchesin Quality...

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OUR FRUITS Our products NETWORK ANALYSERS Power meters for industrial energy control, DIN rail or panel mounting (96x96mm or 144x144mm). Rogowski coils Rogowski coils for current measurement, to be combined with signal integrators for a stand alone measurement kit or to be connected with measurement devices suitable for their use. Ad hoc Designing OEM Projects & Customizations • Standard Brand Labelling • Enhanced Brand Labelling • Customized Designing Single and three-phase meters, to measure and control consumption, MID approved, to be combined with different communication modules. CLASS A certified...

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HAVE The view that others have of us, a tiny little seed that HAS become a strong plant. ^ ATTENTION We pay a Lot of attention to customers needs and to the quality of work we carry out. BRAND LABELLING an important part of our market strategy. ™ CERTIFICATIONS We have 8, valid in the major countries of the world, to protect the quality of our work and a guarantee in the relationship with partners and customers. CUSTOMIZATIONS Our Research & Development Dept., made up of qualified technicians and engineers, together with our sales staff , is able to support the customer from the first feasibility...

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MADE IN ITALY Our heritage to be protected and to be proud of. ALL this is not only design, style and styling, but also the history of our country , the “ know-how”, the ancient production tradition capable of renewing itself to create cutting-edge technological solutions. ™ NETWORK ANALYZERS We design and manufacture network anaLyzers for energy metering in civiL and industriaL environments, for DlN rail and panel, combinable with our Rogowski coils. OBJECTIVE lncrease market share with products dedicated to OEMs and distributors is one of our objectives in the medium - long term. OPTIMISTIC We...

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OUR SEEDS Attention to the market, striving for excellence, development of new ideas. There are three key points that guide our present and our future: the attention to the needs of the market, a constant commitment to excellence and the constant development of new products that offer tangible added value for the customer. The real challenge is to go beyond the end of innovation to herself and stay focused on the development of new technologies that are also access keys for new business opportunities. The dynamism of a company as a growth factor. In Algodue dream and history have two common factors:...

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“Getting together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, working together is an achievement.” Henry Ford Alg od ue El ett r o n i c a s r l V ia Pa sserina 3/A - 28 0 1 0 Fon t an eto d’Ag og n a ( NO ) It al y Tel . +39 0322 8986 4 /8 9 3 0 7 - Fax +3 9 0 3 2 2 8 9 8 7 1 M ai l I n terna tiona l : sa l es@a l godu e. i t - Mai l It al y : commerci al e@al g odu e. i t

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