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8335 with MN93-BK Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers - 7 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

n d t s ral ral u rrent ! Captures And Records Trend, Transients, Events and Waveforms Simultaneously, With 2GB Of Memory For Data Storage! With Direct Measurement Of 4 Voltage And 4 Current Inputs Including Neutral Voltage And Current! R ecord s n ts , Events s y , With 2GB Data >

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DESCRIPTION The PowerPad > Model 8335 is a three-phase power quality analyzer that is easy-to-use, compact and shock-resistant. It is intended for technicians and engineers to measure and carry out diagnostic work and power quality work on one, two or three phase low voltage networks.The PowerPad Harmonics Ζ Display Harmonics out to the 50th for Volts, Amps and VA. Individual Harmonics are displayed as a percentage and value for Volts, Amps and VA. Harmonic direction and sequencing can also be displayed. Display Volts, Amps, THD and Crest Factor by phase or for all phases. You can display all...

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➤ Inrush current > ➤ Calculation of Crest Factors for current and voltage > ➤ Calculation of the K Factor for transformers > ➤ Calculation of short-term flicker for voltage > ➤ Calculation of the phase unbalance for voltage and current (3 phase only) > ➤ Measurement of harmonic angles and rates (referenced to the fundamental or RMS value) for voltage, current or power, up to 50th harmonicDisplay of harmonic sequencing and direction > ➤ ➤ Calculation of overall harmonic distortion factors > ➤ Real time display of Phasor diagrams including values and phase angles > ➤ Monitoring of the average value...

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Sampling Frequency 256 samples per cycle Data Storage 2GB SD Card Voltage (TRMS) Phase-to-Phase: 1000V; Phase-to-Neutral: 1000V MN Clamp: 0 to 6A/120A or 0 to 240A SR Clamp: 0 to 1200AMR Clamp: 0 to 1000A Current (TRMS) > AC , 0 to 1400A > DC MiniFlex > : 0.1 to 1000AAmpFlex > ٮ : 0 to 6500A > 1 Single-Phase RMS Voltages 15 to 1000V0.1V0.5% ѱ 2cts Phase-to-Phase RMS Voltages 15 to 1000V0.1V0.5% ѱ 2cts DC Voltage Component 15 to 1000V0.1V1% ѱ 5cts Single-Phase Peak Voltages 15 to 1414V0.1V < 1000V 1V > 1000V(1% + 1V) Phase-to-Phase Peak Voltages 15 to 1414V0.1V < 1000V 1V > 1000Vѱ(1% + 1V) Frequency...

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