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3711 Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testers - 6 Pages

Clamp-On Ground Resistance TestersModels 3711 & 3731

The Models 3711 and 3731 measureground rod and grid resistance in any
environment without the use of
auxiliary ground rods. Clamp-on
ground resistance testers are used onmulti-groundedsystems withoutdisconnecting the ground under test.
The Models 3711 and 3731 simply
clamp around the ground conductor or
rod and measure the resistance to
ground fast and accurately. By performing measurements oninstalled ground systems, the user
also verifies the quality of the
grounding connections and bonds.Resistance and continuity of ground-
ing loops around pads and buildings
may also be measured.Both models include a currentmeasurement function. The probes
high sensitivity enables measurement
of leakage current flowing to groundor circulating in ground loops down to1mAand neutral and phase currents
to 30Arms. This feature providesadditional information, whichis vital indistribution ground networks carrying
higher levels of noise and harmonics,
that affect power quality.
The Model 3731 offers an alarm func-tion and a memory (logging) function.
In the alarm mode, the probe will
audibly and visually indicate readings
beyond set point. The user may also
have the alarm initiated above or
below the set point. This alarm feature
permits quick field checks where only
ғpass or ԓfail readings will suffice.

Models 3711 & 3731 (pdf) Technical Assistance (800) 343-1391www.aemc.com1 of 5 >

3711 Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testers
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    Memory function to store 99 fieldmeasurements for later retrieval andanalysis (Model 3731) Օ Meets EN 61010, Cat. III CE Mark and ULapproved > Features...
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    Specifications MODELS3711 & 3731 ELECTRICAL Ground Resistance RangesMeasurement RangeResolutionAccuracy (% of Reading) 0.1 to 1.00 0.01 (2% ѱ0.02...
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    Construction The Models 3711 and 3731 bodies arebuilt of Lexan (or equivalentpolycarbonate) for rugged use. Theprobe heads are encapsulated in adouble-walled...
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    Clamp-On Ground Resistance TesterModels 3711 & 3731 include calibrationloop, battery and user manual in hardcarrying case. Calibration Check Loop (included)...
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    Contact Us United States & Canada: Chauvin Arnoux >, Inc.d.b.a. AEMC Customer Support Ζ for placing an order, obtaining price & delivery:...
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