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Double Sided Tapes - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

AT312 ? Technical Data ?Thickest double sided filmic tape?Very good short term high temperature resistance - up to +120˚C ?Permanently fitting rubber backed and latex dipped carpets and underlays?Manufacture of rubber stamps?Conversion to cut pieces?Mounting flexographic printing stereos ?Most double sided tapes have good tack,yet allow for repositioning within a short time of applicat i o n .?G e n e r a l l y,d o u ble sided tapes are used indoors.?D o u ble sided tapes have a release liner that protects the tape until ready for use.The liners on A dvance d o u ble sided tapes are made of siliconised paper which enable them to be peeled from the carrier easily.?D o u ble sided tapes should be stored at a temperat u re of no lower than +5˚C.If a tape is left in an u n h e ated van or unheated wa rehouse in the winter months,it may need time to warm up prior to applicat i o n .?Double sided tapes should be applied at between +10˚C and +40˚C.?Surfaces should be as clean and dry as possible with any loose material and dust removedas far as possible.?Note that one tape,AT324,has a differential adhesive system with one side designed to peel clean after short term contact with the substrate.?When applying tape with a differential adhesive,careful note should be taken that the loweradhesion face is applied to the surface from which it needs to peel clean. > Thickness0.22mmBreaking load30 N/cmElongation130%Adhesion to steelFaced side3.5 N/cmUnfaced side4.0 N/cmService temp-5˚C to +60˚CMax service temp (short term) +120˚C AT316 ? Technical Data ?Strongest double sided filmic tape ?Good dimensional stability ?Joining and splicing of paper and leather during manufacturing processes > Thickness0.09mmBreaking load40 N/cmElongation160%Adhesion to steelFaced side8.5 N/cmUnfaced side8.5 N/cmService temp-10˚C to +50˚C AT302 ? Technical Data ?Very high adhesion level?Easy tear ?Permanent fitting of carpets and other floor coverings?Ideal for securing metal to wood or metal to metal > Thickness0.25mmBreaking load22 N/cmElongation4%Adhesion to steelFaced side20.0 N/cmUnfaced side20.0 N/cmService temp-10˚C to +50˚CMax service temp (short term) +65˚C AT317 ? Technical Data ?Easy tear?Flexible ?Permanently fitting rubber backed and latex dipped carpets and underlays?Laminating to rubber sheets and gaskets to makeself-adhesive products > Thickness0.18mmBreaking load18 N/cmElongation125%Adhesion to steelFaced side8.0 N/cmUnfaced side8.0 N/cmService temp0˚C to +70˚C AT303 ? Technical Data ?Strongest double sided cloth tape?Widest temperature range of double sided cloth tapes?Good low temperature resistance ?Assembly work and fixing in the point of sale industries?Mounting printing stereos > Thickness0.25mmBreaking load80 N/cmElongation10%Adhesion to steelFaced side6.0 N/cmUnfaced side4.0 N/cmService temp-20˚C to +70˚C AT318 ? Technical Data ?Very good short term high temperature resistance ?Adhering nameplates and signage?Laminating to foam rubbers tomake gaskets?Conversion to cut pieces > Thickness0.09mmBreaking load10 N/cmElongation25%Adhesion to steelFaced side5.5 N/cmUnfaced side6.0 N/cmService temp-10˚C to +70˚C 28 >

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AT320 ? Technical Data ?Blue adhesive enables easy and quick identification on product lines and helps with accurate positioning ?Plasticiser resistant ?Mounting of flexographic printing stereos?Assembly of car wing mirrors > AT350 ? Technical Data ?Very good level of adhesion?Very easy tear ?Laminating polyurethene foams?Temporary joining of paper,leather and plastic materials before permanent bonding > Thickness0.18mmBreaking load18 N/cmElongation100%Adhesion to steelFaced side5.0 N/cmUnfaced side5.0 N/cmService temp-5˚C to +70˚C Thickness0.11mmBreaking load11 N/cmElongation2%Adhesion to steelFaced...

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