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Catalogue excerpts

advanced air & gas solutions 5.5 ÷ 160 kW 20 ÷ 45 bar ADIPET COMPRESSORS & BOOSTER COMPRESSORI & BOOSTER • Standard • Water free • Oil free • Oil & Water free EN IT

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ADVANTAGES OF THE TWO STAGE SCREW SYSTEM • High reliability (heavy duty) • More economic maintenance • Energy saving (with inverter) • Low noise level • Low vibration level • Easy installation • Big operational saving in comparison to all other systems VANTAGGI DI UN SISTEMA BISTADIO A VITE SS40-40 (DPF) SS SS” TWO STAGE SCREW COMPRESSOR STATIONS CENTRALI DI COMPRESSIONE BISTADIO A VITE The new line of two stage air compressor stations for P.E.T is perfect in its usefulness, exibility and convenience for all the applications where pressures up to 45 bar are required, and the quality of compressed...

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Compressor station for air & gas without any treatment of the compressed air/gas. SS (INV) with variable speed Equipped with an inverter that permits to obtain the maximum energy saving Equipped with a compressed air process- rification system used for the simultaneous densate. We guarantee 20.000 working hours without maintenance! - The working principle consists in the chemical oxidation of hydrocarbons at high temperature and with catalyst mate- rial and their transformation into water and carbon dioxide. - Hydrocarbons are removed in accord- ance to the norm DIN ISO 8573-1, Class 1 Residual...

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ADVANTAGES OF THE TWO STAGE SCREW/PISTONS SYSTEM • High reliability (heavy duty) • Reduced space • Energy saving (with inverter) NEW • Low noise level • Low vibration level • Easy installation SP40 SP TWO STAGE SCREW/PISTON COMPRESSOR STATIONS CENTRALI DI COMPRESSIONE BISTADIO VITE/PISTONI This two stage line is appropriate for compressing of air and/or gases and it is a perfect combination of the traditional systems used to produce compressed air up to 40 bar and the advanced technologies that make this package the leader of its sector. Like their antagonists “SS” stations the “SP” are appropriate...

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7 5 ADIPET 6 1. Single electric motor anged to the power transmission structure. 2. Ingenious structure for the drive of the rst stage screw block and second stage piston booster. 3. 1st stage screw joined directly to the motor with a exible coupling. 4. Air or gas oil receiver for the rst stage compression . 5. Thermostatic valve with oil lter with a total passage. 6. Combined heat exchanger for oil/air or gas for the rst stage. 7. 2nd stage piston booster with force feed lubrication. 8. Aftercooler for the second stage. 9. Suction control valve with a proportional regulation. 10. Intake air...

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SCREW BOOSTER This screw booster line is appropriate for compressing of air/gas and it is a perfect combination of the traditional systems used that make this package the leader of its sector. The best choice for your needs. This booster line is appropriate for the compres- sion of air and gases like nitrogen, argon, methane etc. and are the perfect answer for the applications where these gas are re- quired dried and "oil free". High efficiency and low energy consumption combined with high reliability make these stations a perfect choice for those who want to respect the environment and get a...

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PISTON BOOSTER If you just need to pump compressed air or gas already at a certain pressure up to the final pressure of 45 bar, the booster "PB': is the your choice. Its simplicity, reliability and flexibility are unique; it can work in an intermittent as well as continuous duty even 24/24 hour and can deliver from 100 up to 350 m3/h with power installed from 11 up to 22kW. The best choice for your needs. Automatic operation, after a pre-set idling working period the booster stops automati- cally to restart when the minimum pressure This range of PISTON BOOSTER is suitable to compress air and...

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CAPACITY CONTROL BY VARIABLE SPEED CONTROLLO DELLA PORTATA CON VELOCITÀ VARIABILE The VSD technology (Variable Speed Drive) controls the air or gas production adapting the speed in according to the demand. This system allow to keep a lower operating pressure and in this way beside the proportional control of the production permits to minimize the energy consumption and its relative costs. The energy constitutes up to 70% of all expenses related to the working life of the compressor. The compressed air production can constitute more than 40% of the total cost of power used to feed distribution...

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ADIPET AIR OR GAS PROCESSING BY FILTRATION TRATTAMENTO DELL’ARIA O GAS TRAMITE FILTRAZIONE When different gases are compressed (no presence of oxygen) or when the oil removal can be accepted also with a not so innovative method as that with converter (ETC) it is possible to remove humidity and oil by refrigerant dryer and coalescent type lters. At the exit of the compressed air station there will be then a standard dryer or better a cold type dryer installed with a group of coalescent lters followed by an active carbon column and a nal dust lter to get the “oil and water free” gas or compressed...

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ADIPET SS two-stage screw compressors (max 42 bar) - compressoribistadio a vite (max 42 bar) screw boosters (max 42 bar) - surpressori a vite (max 42 bar) ADIPET SP two-stage screw compressors/pistons (max 45 bar) - compressori bistadio a vite/pistoni (max 45 bar) piston boosters (max 45 bar)- surpressori a pistoni (max 45 bar) ' The declared volume is the maximum available in the optimal conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity) " La portata dichiarata e quella massima ottenibile solo con condizioni ottimali (temperatura, pressione, umidita) DPF "Oil free" and "water free" by cold filtration,...

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Export & domestic significant customers Clienti significative nazionali ed internazionali Industrial sectors utilising two stage screw compressors, two stage screw/piston compressor and fitted with ETC Converter or filters for "oil free" compressed air production: Settori industrial! nella quale si utilizzano compressor! bistadio a vite, compressor! bistadio vite/ pistone e dotati di convertitore ETC oppure sistema di filtrazione per ottenere aria compressa Paint Shops . Electronics . Dairies . Mechanical engineering . Mineral water bottling Semiconductor industry . Oil seeds canning . Rubber...

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