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Catalogue excerpts

Wide measuring range (0.01 gkg > 1 to 10mgkg > ֖1 ) covers all power station applications Full sample temperature compensation ֖maximises measurement accuracy 'Pumpless' liquid handling section low maintenance Automatic range changing ֖switches the current output in steps covering twodecades Simple calibration sequence automatically controlled by the microprocessor >

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Sodium Monitor Model 8036 > SS/8036_5 The prevention of damage to the boilers on modern powerstations becomes more and more critical as the cost of repairsand out of service plant continually rises. To reduce the effect ofboiler tube corrosion and the formation of scale on the inside of the tubes, the levels of impurities in the various parts of thesteam/water cycle must be carefully monitored.Sodium ions are normally the most abundant species in solutionfound in boiler plant, therefore the measurement of sodiumprovides a valuable indication of the overall purity of the solution.Whilst on-line...

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Heat exchanger this is used to bring the standard solution close to the temperatureof the sample during calibration. Thermal differences therefore are minimised and calibration times reduced. Pressure relief valve ֖ during a calibration sequence the sample flow to the constanthead unit is stopped. The valve releases the pressure to prevent pressurising the sample line. Solenoid valve > under the control of the microprocessor the valve is used to switchbetween sample in normal running mode and standard solution during a calibration sequence. Constant head unit ֖ > 1 this removes the effect of changes...

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Sodium concentration gkg > 1 or mgkg > ֖1 Sample mode indicates sample sodium concentration. During calibration indicates either of the two calibration sequences (CA1 or CA2). Calibration concentration displays the values of CA1 (the primary calibration solution) or CA2(the secondary calibration solution) ֖ also indicates when a calibration is in progress and shows if a single or two-point calibration has been initiated.An instantaneous display of concentration during calibration canalso be obtained. Alarm settings displays high or low alarm setting > Calibration fail displays CF following a two-point...

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Ranges Connections to sensor unit 0.01 gkg > 1 to 1mgkg > ֖1 or 0.1 gkg > 1 to 10mgkg > ֖1 internallyselectable Sample inlet:6mm O.D. compression fittingSample drain:10mm flexible, atmospheric drain Sample line material:Stainless steel Electrical:Via gland cable size 7 to 10.5mmMax. core size:Mains 32/0.2mmSignal 24/0.2mm Accuracy Dimensions of transmitter unit 10% of concentration or 0.02 gkg > ֖1 whichever is the greater 300mm wide x 300mm high x 200mm deep Reproducibility Mounting for transmitter unit 5% of concentration at constant temperature 230mm horizontal230mm vertical Response time 1...

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