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Oil Grabber™ Model 4 - 4 Pages


Model 4

Enjoy the Benefits of Oil Skimming! >
ΕMost inexpensive way to remove oil from waterSaves coolants by removing tramp oil
ՕConserves parts wash water by removingoily wastesPrevents plugging of spray heads and filters
ՕReduces fluid disposal costs
Skimmed oil can be recycled and reused as alubricant or fuelՕHelps meet government requirements forwater discharge Model 4 shownwith optional tail
pulley cage and
tether assembly. General Description >
The Abanaki Model 4 Oil Grabber is a depend-
able and effective means of removing oil from
water and water-based solutions. Often, skim-
ming by itself will reduce oil to an acceptable
level of water purity.Depending on the charac-
teristics of the liquid, it is possible for the
Model 4 alone to reduce oil content to less
than five parts per million in water. The unit
can be used as a pretreatment beforefiltra-
tion, and in conjunction with coalescing
systems.The Model 4 utilizes a continuous belt andwiper to remove up to 20 gallons of oil per
hour from the fluid surface. The belt, operat-
ing on a motor and pulley system, runs
through contaminated liquid to pick up oil
from the surface. After traveling over the head
pulley, the belt passes through tandem wiper
blades where oil is scraped off both sides of
the belt and discharged. The tail pulley has
flanges which allow it to roll freely on theinside of the belt without becoming dislodged.It requires no bearings and does not need to Go WithThe Pro! The Model 4 Advantages >
A single unit elevates and separates oilՕLifts oil any distance without the need ofexpensive pumpsMaintains skimming efficiency withfluctuating fluid levelsՕCan be used in depths as shallow as one foot, or as deep as 100 feetRequires no tank modifications in mostapplicationsՕOperates in turbulent liquid using option-al tail pulley cage and tether assemblyEasy mounting and fast cleaning, withminimal maintenance Skimmerman ՙ size="-5">

Oil Grabber™ Model 4
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    be fastened to the tank. If turbulent conditionsexist, the optional tether and cage assemblyprevents the tail pulley from being dislodged.Oil skimming...
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    OIL GRABBER Corrosion-resistant Steel - Elastomer - Used in applications where abra-sive particles are present or when physicalabuse of the belt is likely....
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    OIL GRABBER® Model 4 Specifications Oil Removal 16 gph (60 Iph) with standard tail pulley Rate 20 gph (75 Iph) with high capacity...
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