Full line Rotameter and Valves Catalog - 74 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

aalborg.com Visit our web site at: Worldwide Distribution Copyright © 2013 by Aalborg Instruments Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America.

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About    Founded in 1972, AALBORG®is well-known throughout the world as a primary manufacturer of the Company precision instrumentation for flow measurement and control. We operate two divisions: The Variable Area Division manufactures a complete line of glass tube rotameters. These flow meters are available with aluminum, brass, stainless steel or PTFE wetted components. AALBORG® also manufactures a unique line of PFA tube meters for ultrapure or corrosive applications. Precision barstock stainless steel or brass needle valves, as well as PTFE valves, are also manufactured in this division. The...

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Principle of Operation /General Description /Flow Tubes & Valves Calibrations, Services and Certificates Single & Multiple Tube Flow Meters PTFE-Glass Single and Multiple Tube Flow Meters S Style Single Tube Flow Meters Optical Sensor Switch

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Medium Range Brass, Stainless, PTFE and Direct Reader Flow Meters Stainless Industrial Flow Meters In Line PTFE Flow Meter PTFE-PFA Flow Meters Barstock Valves PTFE Needle Valves TECHNICAL INFORMATION Spare Valve Cartridge Flow Capacities Meter Sizing and Calculation vs Calibration Tables of Standard Flow Capabilities Table of Flow Capacities For Gas Direct Reading Scales Conversion Factors Page 58 Pages 59-60 Pages 61-63 Page 64 Pages 65-67 Page 68 Aalborg® -is a registered trademark of Aalborg Instruments. Inc. Buna-N® -is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastometers. Carboloy® -is a registered...

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PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION When compared with other types of flow instrumentation, variable area interchangeable flow meters offer the most practical, precise and economical means of visually indicating flow rate measurement. They require no electrical connections, and have low meter related pressure drops. Meters are available in a large selection of flow rates and configurations, to accommodate the unique requirements of most applications. Included in the line are flow tube assemblies, single and multiple tube flow meters. PTFE-Glass meters are for metering corrosive fluids or for high purity requirements....

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INTERCHANGEABILITY Flow tubes and other components are thoroughly interchangeable resulting in greatly increased versatility. Meters are even interchangeable with standard sizes made by other manufacturers. As a result of simple assembly and installation procedures, it is possible to use several sets of flow tubes in conjunction with one mounting frame. flow tubes ✓ Precision fabricated from heavy walled, shock resistant borosilicate glass. ✓ Bores are uniformly tapered or formed with internal "rib-guides" or flutes. ✓ Floats are retained by TFE plugs. ✓ OPTIGRAD™ scales minimize parallax and...

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STANDARD VALVES (CVTM) BUILT-IN VALVES Meters are available with built-in needle valves (CVTM), high precision metering valves (MFVTM) with “non-rising stems”, or with no valves. Built-in valves are mounted at the inlet (bottom) or outlet (top) of flow meters. Generally, for gas metering it is recommended that valves are positioned at inlets - for liquids valves may be positioned either at inlets or outlets. For vacuum service, valves must be mounted at outlets. If unspecified at the time of ordering, meters will be shipped with valves mounted at the inlets. The VALVE NEEDLE turns as it travels...

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CALIBRATIONS, SERVICES AND CERTIFICATES NIST TRACEABLE CALIBRATIONS Our laboratories are fully equipped to perform NIST traceable flow calibrations for Rotameters, Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers. We offer calibration services on meters and controllers of other manufacturers’ products as well. AALFA-KAL laboratory is equipped to calibrate Molboxes. Our technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturer of Molboxes and Moblocs. For fast cost effective service please contact our customer service department. A2LA ACCREDITED CALIBRATIONS AALFA-KAL Metrology Laboratory, division of...

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CAL CALIBRATIONS, SERVICES AND CERTIFICATES Customer’s Rotameter returned for re-calibration performed in Aalborg’s laboratory. WWW.AALBORG.COM - E-MAIL ౧ : INFO@AALBORG.COM - PHONE ( 845.770.3000 - TOLL FREE IN U.S.A. AND CANADA 1.800.866.3837 - ORANGEBURG N.Y. U.S

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CALIBRATIONS, SERVICES AND CERTIFICATES Close-up view of Molbox/Molblocs equipment supported by COMPASS software for calibrating GFM flow meters. Link for an explanation how to use Molbox/Molblocs method of calibrations of Flow Meters and Controllers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVDqrW5y70A WWW.AALBORG.COM - E-MAIL ౧ : INFO@AALBORG.COM - PHONE ( 845.770.3000 - TOLL FREE IN U.S.A. AND CANADA 1.800.866.3837 - ORANGEBURG N.Y. U.S.A.

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PRESSURE LIMITS OF CALIBRATIONS Up to 500 PSIG for routine gases (Air, N2, He and Ar) with a maximum flow of 250 L/min. Up to 80 PSIG for Air, with a maximum flow of 1000 L/min. ✓ Calibrations are performed at standard (STP) conditions (70 °F/21.1 °C and 14.7 psia/1 atm abs). ✓ Gas calibrations for up to 1000 L/min and water calibrations up to 4 L/min available. ✓ Calibrated to NIST traceable standards. Bell prover used by technician in calibrating high flow capacity Flow Meter. 7 WWW.AALBORG.COM - E-MAIL M: INFO@AALBORG.COM - PHONE ( 845.770.3000 - TOLL FREE IN U.S.A. AND CANADA 1.800.866.3837...

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CALIBRATIONS, SERVICES AND CERTIFICATES Terminal shown for low-flow Flow Controller calibration supported by Aalborg SDPROC software. WWW.AALBORG.COM - E-MAIL ౧ : INFO@AALBORG.COM - PHONE ( 845.770.3000 - TOLL FREE IN U.S.A. AND CANADA 1.800.866.3837 - ORANGEBURG N.Y. U.S.A.

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CAL CALIBRATIONS, SERVICES AND CERTIFICATES Piston Gauge, model 7601 with gas operated, gas lubricated piston-cylinder module. It supports definition of pressure against a vacuum reference. OPERATING MODES: Gauge, Absolute and Differential. OVERALL SPECIFICATION FOR PRESSURE MEASUREMENT: Sensitivity: 0.02Pa +0.5 ppm Reproducibility: +/-4 ppm Measurement Uncertainty (k=2): +/-(0.5Pa + 20 ppm) Suitable for Molbox 1+ A350/A700 BULLETIN EM201702 CAL WWW.AALBORG.COM - E-MAIL ౧ : INFO@AALBORG.COM - PHONE ( 845.770.3000 - TOLL FREE IN U.S.A. AND CANADA 1.800.866.3837 - ORANGEBURG N.Y. U.S.A.

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