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Pro Forma 450 Case Erector / Sealer for high speed erecting of RSC and HSC cases Thinking high speed? Envision the Pro Forma 450 Erector/Sealer. You’ll see how easy it is to achieve speeds to 55 cases per minute and provide square, well-sealed cases to high speed packaging lines! Packed inside its extremely compact frame, you’ll find a workhorse machine. A substantial, 3 hp motor powers the main machine drive. The large capacity case magazine automatically indexes stacks of cases as needed and is easy to load. The servo-operated case compression ram ensures proper sealing of every case, every shift, for top production from your line. A-B-C’s Intelligent Machine Control operates the erector– the touchscreen control panel provides simple command sequences and offers complete data access and management. The Pro Forma 450 is the choice for speed, durability and reliability. Compact footprint (16’-9” long) reduces floor space requirements SERVO-OPERATED COMPRESSION RAM

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Litho in U.S.A. C-139-4/05 Pro Forma 450 Case Erector / Sealer Designed for real world production The Pro Forma 450 is loaded with features to accommodate less than perfect cases. The opening arms “over-open” the major flaps to compensate for incorrectly slotted cases, and the vacuum cups grip each case from above and below to compensate for warped cases and ensure proper opening. The walking beam case drive “squares” each case during transfer. A-B-C Intelligent Control ensures precise operation Intelligent Control takes PLC logic one step further, to provide unprecedented control of line performance....

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