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Model 800 Automatic Case Packer for rigid or semi-rigid cartons or containers in single or multipacks Over sixty years of case packing experience is designed into every A-B-C case packer, and it shows. In the gentle handling techniques employed to protect every product. In the operating efficiency of precision parts, crafted to exacting specifications. And, most importantly, the ability to achieve your case packing goals, with a system designed for your needs, to your specifications, within your budget. We offer creative solutions for packing cartons, cans, bottles, jugs, fiberboard tubes, flexible packages, shrink-wrapped packages, waxed cartons and more. We look at the total package-- product attributes, line speeds, changeover requirements-- to design the best machine for your individual needs. Experience how A-B-C’s tradition of quality, craftsmanship and innovation can help you achieve top performance from your packaging line.

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Litho in U.S.A. C-136-10/01 Model 800 Automatic Case Packer Ergonomic Designs While A-B-C case packers operate without labor, we have taken care to make all human interfaces most convenient. Low level case magazines eliminate lifting heavy KD cases. Easy open guards offer immediate machine access. Hand cranks and locking slides for changeover are located outside the machine frame when possible. The touchscreen command center is machine-mounted for ease of use. A-B-C Intelligent Control ensures Precise Operation Intelligent Control takes PLC logic one step further, to provide unprecedented control...

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