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Model 79 Traywrap Wraparound tray packer CUT CORRUGATED COSTS The Traywrap packs product into corrugated trays, which use one-half the corrugated required for standard cases. REPLACE HAND LABOR Product accumulation, packing and sealing are all automatic, eliminating the packing and sealing crew. REDUCE SHIPPING COSTS Using less corrugated means that you are paying to ship your product, not the corrugated cases. Your shipping cost per pallet will be reduced by using trays instead of regular shipping cases.

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Lithe in U.S.A. C-146-7/04 Features for smooth operation Positive Tray Pick-off Four vacuum cups lift each tray blank from the top of the magazine. Then the tray is moved by flight lugs to the correct position for loading. Transferring the tray with flight lugs prevents the product from being in the wrong position for loading, causing jams or improperly packed product. Downed Product Detector The traywrap has a downed product detector which shuts the machine off immediately when it detects a downed container. This allows the attendant to upright or remove the product without interrupting production....

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