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Eliminate manual palletizing and reduce the risk of back injuries and resulting high insurance premiums with the 72B automatic bag palletizer! This ergonomic machine replaces your hand palletizing operation. No stairs or platforms are needed, and all operation and maintenance points are conveniently located at floor level. Its open design allows your plant personnel to monitor operation while performing other tasks. Plus, our modular design offers total flexibility for complete line integration. What’s more, this palletizer makes it easy to make adjustments for bag size variation that can occur from shift to shift. Using the touch screen operator control panel, the bag position orientation, layer retention and squaring plate settings may be changed by following the simple, step-by-step sequence. You’ll have square, secure pallet loads, regardless of bag dimension variation. Another reason why, for automatic bag palletizing, A-B-C is A Better Choice. Model 72B Bag Palletizer For agricultural, chemical and building supply products

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• FULLY AUTOMATIC • COMPACT SIZE • LOW AIR CONSUMPTION • QUICK, EASY INSTALLATION All information in this brochure was current at time of printing, however, in the continuing effort to improve the quality and construction of A-B-C equipment, we reserve the right to make changes without notice. Litho in U.S.A. C-127 Complete Bag Infeed Control The flattened bags are detected by sensors, counted and staged before entering the palletizer’s orienting conveyor. This ensures proper spacing and eliminates potential damage from bag-to-bag contact. Gentle Bag Orientation Bags are gently turned 90°, 180°...

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