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Catalogue excerpts

At first glance, A-B-C palletizers stand apart. Perhaps it is the low level design, offering the freedom of on-floor operation and control. Or the clean, open profile that ensures high visibility and easy access. Take a closer look. You’ll see the many value-added features built into each A-B-C palletizer that make a positive impact on your line performance ... and that’s what counts at the end of the day. From concept through finished design, our engineers work to create top performing machines, with features for ultrasmooth product transfer, perfect load positioning and rapid product changeover...

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Model 72A Palletizer • Palletize cases, trays, totes, bags, bundles • High or low level infeed • Compact footprint • High visibility, easy access design • Workhorse construction • Complete flexibility with quick changeover • Economical operation All A-B-C palletizers offer the following high performance production features: • Quiet and precise electromechanical operation • Reinforced stainless steel transfer table ensures long term performance • Counterweighted elevator table for maximum load stability • Automatic layer centering creates square, stable palletloads • Adjustable layer retainer bar...

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Proven performance, backed by A-B-C’s commitment to customer satisfaction Model 72AG High Speed Palletizer Many infeed options are available to ensure proper orientation, row and gap configurations. Product loads are transferred by rugged dual chain-driven transfer mechanisms (72A) or powered overhead transfer (72AG) for optimum speed. Self-adjusting layer retainer sweep bar compensates for load variations. Tapered, reinforced stainless steel transfer table ensures smooth layer transfer. Industrial grade control panel with color graphic display provides simplified operation. This robust palletizer...

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Model 75 High Speed Bag Palletizer The flattened bags are detected by sensors, counted, and staged before entering the palletizer’s orienting conveyor. This ensures proper spacing and eliminates potential damage from bag-to-bag contact. Bags are repositioned to any required orientation during high speed operation, with the servo-operated overhead orienter. Bags may be positioned to allow the bottom (butt) or the printed panel to face out on the pallet. As the overhead loading mechanism transfers one row to the transfer table, another row is formed, ensuring harmonious, high speed operation. The...

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Pallet Transport 3 CHAIN FULL PALLET CONVEYOR MULTI LAYER SHEET DISPENSER MULTI LAYER SHEET DISPENSER BOTTOM SHEET DISPENSER ROLLER CONVEYOR for full or empty pallets 5’ GRAVITY DISCHARGE ROLLER CONVEYOR Layer or Bottom Sheet Dispensing PALLETIZER ACCESSORIES 811 Live Oak Street, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689-4199 USA Phone 727-937-5144 • Fax 727-938-1239 All information in this brochure was current at time of printing, however, in the continuing effort to improve the quality and construction of A-B-C machines, we reserve the right to make changes without notice. Guards may be...

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