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Model 70 Partition Opener / Inserter For Multi-Celled Partitions The Model 70 automatically opens and inserts lightweight chipboard partitions with 6, 12, 24 or 48 cells into RSC, HSC or Tablock cases at speeds to 35 cases per minute. This efficient machine utilizes a streamlined two-step progression, operated by A-B-C’s “intelligent control” electronics to ensure accurate opening and positive placement of the partition into the case. Continuous operation is assured, due to the easy-load partition magazine, which may be filled at any time during operation. The compact size and in-line design allow this machine to be easily installed between the case erector and packer on an existing packaging line.

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Litho in U.S.A. C-043 2/05 Operation: 1. Knock-down assembled partitions are placed vertically in the magazine. 2. The case is indexed by conveyor, and positioned by case stops at the loading station. 3. The opening device moves to firmly grip the partition and position it over the empty case. 4. As the opened partition is pushed downward, it moves through the funnels that guide it securely into the case. Specifications: Case range: RSC, HSC or Tablock cases Speed: To 35 partitions/cases per minute Case L W H Minimum 11” 7” 4” Maximum 27” 12” 12” Partition L H Minimum 13” 4” Maximum 32” 12” All...

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