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Model 65 Trayformer For automatic tray forming and sealing unique forming mandrel design- tapered and bonded with UHMW polyethylene to ensure proper tray compression, sealing and release, and the adjustability to conform to variations in corrugated and ensure perfect trays, the Model 65 is the definitive answer to your tray forming questions. Packing into trays can reduce material and shipping costs, offering an environmentally sensitive packaging solution. An A-B-C trayformer can replace an RSC or HSC case former, and link to an existing packer- for a switch to tray packaging without a large capital expenditure or complete line overhaul. With a

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Adjustable Forming Mandrel No more out of square trays when running poor corrugated. Rather than force the tray blank to fit a fixed mandrel and cause crooked sidewalls and sloppy seals, the Model 65’s mandrel is easily adjusted to run varying shipments of corrugated. This feature ensures perfect trays with straight vertical sidewalls and properly applied adhesive, for optimum tray packing and square, stable pallet loads. Vacuum Pull-Down Ensures Reliable Tray Feed The tray magazine feeds from the bottom utilizing two large vacuum cup grippers to pull trays downward from the stack. This system...

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