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Model 49 Decaser Automatic unloader / single filer for glass or plastic containers Here’s a compact machine designed for high speed unloading of reshipper cases that assures a continuous supply of empty bottles to your production line. The Model 49 eliminates the repetitive talks associated with manual decasing to maximize employee productivity. The Model 49 offers quick, no tools changeover with no change parts for all but the most extreme case or bottle size changes. Adjustments can be completed in minutes using simple hand cranks for height and width dimensions, with locking slides for bottle guiderails. This versatile machine gives you the flexibility to meet your needs now and in the future.

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Litho in U.S.A. C-143-7/04 Quality features make a better machine: • Steel frame construction • Vertical belt infeed for gentle case handling • Quick changeover with rapid adjust hand cranks for new case sizes • Variable speed drive to meet production needs • Locking side bar adjustments • Optional repeatable position indicators Specifications: Case range: RSC, HSC or RSC-Tablock cases Case size: L W H Minumum 9” 8” 5” Maximum 26” 15” 15” Electrical: Primary 220, 440v, 60hz, 3ph Machine dimensions: 19’ 10”L x 5’ 2”W x 6’ 2” Weight: 3,590 lbs.; 4,020 lbs. w/180° case turnover Speed: Up to 70 cases...

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