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Model 360 Series Uncaser & Packer Here’s an easy upgrade if you’re using hand labor to uncase and pack bottles. The Model 360 performs both functions, uncasing and case packing, in one machine, making it an easy-to-justify alternative to manual labor. With each cycle, the machine uncases and case packs simultaneously, in one synchronized motion. This exclusive 2-in-1 design occupies only 56 square feet of floor space, providing simple and low cost installation. It runs a variety of glass and plastic containers at speeds to 12 cases per minute, making this machine the perfect solution for upgrading your manual decasing and packing operation.

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Litho in U.S.A. C-140-7/04 Reduce bottle breakage The bottles are kept under complete control as they are handled. The gripper head gently lifts the bottles and lowers them to the bottom of the case in a straight vertical manner. Finger grids align the containers for proper spacing within case partitions. Eliminate label damage The packing head gently grips the bottle neck, not the closure, allowing bottles with overwraps or foils to be packed without the risk of damage. A shifting head separates the bottles prior to loading, preventing the bottles from scraping one another, against the case or...

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