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Model 340 Case Erector/ Bottom Sealer A workhorse machine for large and oversized cases • Run KD blanks up to 45” long x 42” wide • All-mechanical drive for reliable operation • Quick changeover with no-tools adjustments • PLC control with color touchscreen operator station • 2 models available- Seal with tape or adhesive The steel frame has a tubular, continuous weld construction, and the clear, interlocked panels offer high visibility and total machine guarding. Adhesive model with servo compression ram shown. The machine you need for oversized cases Here’s a workhorse case erector built to manage the special requirements of oversized corrugated cases. It’s built tough, with a heavy tubular steel frame, packed with rugged components that handle large kd blanks at top production speeds while minimizing machine vibration. Its continuous motion mechanical case drive and “walking beam” case transfer provide positive case positioning and total control. It runs a full range of case sizes with quick crank-adjust changeover, and offers standard features that work to increase efficiency and reduce your maintenance tasks. Built on the same production platform as A-B-C’s Model 330 case erector, an industry standard, this large-case erector is designed and manufactured to provide years of consistent performance and reliable production. Easy load high capacity magazine with ergonomic design is standard.

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Litho in U.S.A. C-155-11/08 Reliable, case-squaring mechanical case transfer The mechanical walking beam transfer bars are mounted on synchronized transfer chain. This design provides additional squaring action as cases travel from erecting through sealing. Easy load case magazine with positive indexing The high capacity kd magazine holds up to two case stacks, and automatically indexes each stack into position to provide a continuous case supply with minimum operator attention. Cases are indexed with a combination gripper/sliderail system that is designed to accommodate out-of-spec corrugated...

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