Model 121S High Speed Tablock Case Slitter & Sealer - 2 Pages

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Model 121S High Speed Tablock Case Slitter & Sealer Here’s a tab slitter and sealer that really performs! This dual machine combination is a breakthrough in tablock slitting and sealing, based on proven case handling concepts. Its compact, in-line design offers easy installation, making it simple to achieve top efficiency. Unique features ensure smooth operation and provide the flexibility packagers need to compensate for inherent variations in cases throughout high speed production runs. Take a closer look and you’ll see how A-B-C’s innovative engineering and quality construction place this tablock case slitter and sealer a cut above the competition.

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Litho in U.S.A. C-144-7/04 Precise tab slitting The simple and forgiving tab slitter design automatically accommodates the inherent variations in each case for “no excuses” accuracy. The slitters precisely contact the case, lift and slit the tabs, in continuous, mechanical motion. Accurate flap folding Floating guides gently sweep the inner flaps upward to be folded by timed mechanical flap folders. Outer flap closing is provided by A-B-C’s production-proven contoured, cast aluminum flap folders. Square case sealing The compression section has powered top and bottom belts backed by steel rollers,...

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