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Scotch-Brite™ Durable Flex Belt Cut.Life. Conformability. No Compromise. Maximum Flexibility and Durability in One Belt Flexibility shouldn’t mean sacrificing cutting power in your non-woven belt applications. But some belts may achieve their flexibility at the expense of life and cut. With Scotch-Brite™ Durable Flex Belts, you don’t have to compromise. Get the conformability and cutting power you need to access the tightest corners, tackle small welds and blend finishes. A Perfect Application Whether removing welds, matching or repairing a finish, the perfect application for Scotch-Brite™ Durable Flex Belts will allow the belt’s mineral to be “opened up” by a leading or trailing edge. Such applications will continuously “dress the belt” for extended life. 10010620_FlexBelts.indd 1 A Perfect Combination This reinforced, low-stretch belt offers good flexibility, great edge durability and reduces elongation. This makes it an ideal companion to the new 3M™ File Belt Sander as well as for backstand applications. The new durable flex belt will perform well wherever the tool’s eight attachment arms can reach. Its extreme flexibility will avoid belt “chunking” even on the smallest contact wheels. 2/3/10 5:07 PM

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Scotch-Brite Durable Flex Belts ™ Product Features ■ onger life, exceptional value L ■ ncreased cut rate I Product Selection Guide ■ Improved edge durability ■ Great comfortability NEW! ■ Significant increase in flexibility for file belt applications Scotch-Brite Durable Flex Stock Product Availability Width Length 1/4" 18" 1/4" 24" 1/2" 12" 1/2" 18" 1/2" 24" 3/4" 18" 2-3/4" 15-1/2" 3" 10-11/16" 3" 18" 3" 24" 3" 132" 3-1/2" 15-1/2" Grade A CRS A FIN A MED A CRS A FIN A MED A CRS A FIN A MED A CRS A FIN A MED A CRS A FIN A MED A CRS A FIN A MED A CRS A MED A CRS A MED A CRS A FIN A MED A CRS A...

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