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Catalogue excerpts

3M Abrasive Belts ™ For Primary Metals Roll Grinding Right Money on the The fast, versatile, easy-to-use alternative to bonded wheels • llows faster dimensioning A and finish attainment • implifies grade and material changes S • ess “technique-dependent” – helps L deliver more consistent results

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3M Abrasive Belts for Primary Metals Roll Grinding ™ Engineered to achieve consistent results – higher productivity Now get the best of both worlds! 3M Abrasives offer you the ability to ™ consistently achieve accurate part geometry – a characteristic traditionally associated with bonded wheels – plus the ease of use, speed and consistency of 3M abrasive belts. 3M brings you a broad range of solutions designed to meet today’s tough processing challenges. From grinding-to-dimension to superfinishing, 3M has the abrasive products you need to achieve stringent geometry tolerances and finish specs,...

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The 3M Abrasive Belt Challenge Let us prove how 3M Abrasive Belts can save you time and costs on roll ™ grinding and finishing – while consistently achieving geometry tolerances and finish specs! Send us samples of your typical parts. Working with our grinding equipment partners, we’ll run your parts on a production-scale machine to your specifications, then provide you with a complete report showing abrasive sequences, time logged per step, total grinding time and more. Ask your 3M representative for more details. Our online Belt Roll Grinding Rate Calculator will show you how 3M Abrasive Belts...

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for Primary Metals Roll Grinding Hot & cold rolling mills Temper mills (Carbon steel, aluminum) Work and backup rolls Leveler and handling rolls Coil Material Side-View Schematic of Five-Stand Cold I Example of Time Savings Roll: 25" diax 80" face, cold mill work roll, Machine: 60" x 40" Mesta cylindrical grinder Defect Removal or Rough Grinding Abrasive Results Grinding time: Less than 2 hours Finish Restoration (< 2 u in. Ra achieved) Finishing time: Less than 1.5 hours, including belt changes Total Time Spent: 3.5 Hours Mill Rolls 3M" Abrasive Belts have proven their ability to reduce grinding...

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Cluster Mill (Z-Mill) Rolls 3M Abrasive Belts are used to dimension and finish Z-mill work and ™ intermediate rolls used for precision rolling of metal coil, sheet and foil. Z-mill rolls are made of a variety of hardened tool steels for the different Stainless steel roll applications. Hardness, grindability and surface finish required on Carbon steel these rolls varies. Both conventional and superabrasive 3M belts are used Titanium in cylindrical grinders as an alternative to bonded wheels. 3M can help Brass you select the right belt, based on roll material and finish required. Coil Material Process...

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3M Abrasive Belts for Primary Metals Roll Grinding ™ Hard Chrome and Thermal Spray-Coated Rolls Hard chrome and thermal sprays are used in many roll applications to improve part durability. 3M abrasive belts have been used in a variety of cylindrical grinding applications to strip, dimension and finish hard-chromed and thermal-sprayed surfaces. Process Recommendation: Hard Chrome Choose the abrasive product/grade associated with the amount of material to be removed. Proceed with each abrasive grade below that, according to final surface finish requirements. Application 3M Abrasive Belt Grade Removal...

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Slack of Belt Polishing “Slack of belt” polishing methods are often used to improve the finish of hard-chromed rolls following cylindrical grinding, or to finish steel prior to chrome plating. In this application, 3M Trizact Cloth Belts 327DC have proven to offer very ™ ™ consistent finishes across the roll, and from roll to roll. 327DC belts resist loading, providing improved belt life in hard chrome polishing applications – up to 3 to 5 times, versus conventional coated abrasive products. The following table lists finishes achieved by grade, using 3M abrasives in slack of belt applications....

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3M Abrasive Belts for Primary Metals Roll Grinding ™ At 3M, high-performance abrasives are just the beginning 3M offers you technical support and application development resources to help optimize your process, and take full advantage of all the benefits 3M abrasive technologies have to offer. Now you can add the capability to use 3M abrasive belts on your existing wheel grinder – and increase capacity up to 3X! 3M has partnered with equipment builders who will work with you to convert your existing grinder into a flexible tool, capable of utilizing both bonded wheels and 3M abrasive belts. Now...

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